The automatism based only on the incidence is against the catching

The automatism based only on the incidence violates the Constitution

Wants more decision-making power for local health authorities: spd member of parliament florian post. Picture: private

Spd deputy florian post on his constitutional complaint against the curfew, the closure of nightclubs and culture, and basic rights of vaccinated people

You were the only spd member of parliament besides a caucus colleague who voted against the infection or population protection act in the bundestag. Moreover, you have filed a complaint to the federal court of arrest. Did the colleague go along with it?

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Distribution of right-wing free cd punishable nationwide

Local court halle enables nationwide seizures of cd "anpang is cowardice – songs from the underground"

If neo-nazis actually still go public with the "project schoolyard" go to the public and want to code school children and young people with free right-wing rock cds, they could be criminally prosecuted. The "central german newspaper" reports that the district court of halle (saale) on thursday found that the contents of the cd "anpang is cowardice – songs from the underground" are "manifestly gravely dangerous to juveniles". For this reason, a nationwide seizure order had been ied. Trafficking or free distribution could now be punished with prison sentences of up to one year.

That just the saxony-anhalt court after multiple warnings of various interior ministers (cf. Right-wing rock propaganda around schools?) has now quickly taken a decision, could be due to the fact that the summer vacations in saxony-anhalt will soon end. The authorities expect the distribution campaign to begin at the beginning of the new school year, because according to media reports, investigators of the magdeburg state criminal police office have discovered "exactly receipted delivery notes" fell into the hands of the. They proved that 50.000 cds had been delivered to distributors in saxony-anhalt. The cds have not yet been found, and there is no evidence that they have been distributed at all.

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The war of the turkish militars in the southeast of turkey

the war of the turkish militars in the southeast of turkey

Mardin province. Photo: mikaelf / cc by-sa 3.0

"Anti-terrorist units" use brutal means and torture against residents in mardin province

The turkish public prosecutor’s office last week closed the investigation into the turkish special forces and army accused of being responsible for the deaths of 177 people who perished in basements in cizre last year. The actions are to be considered as a legitimate defense.

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Consensus at the last second

The un human rights council, founded a year ago, presented its rules of procedure

On 2. April 2006, the criticized human rights commission was replaced by the newly formed un human rights council. About a year later, the council presented its working guidelines at its headquarters in geneva. Although there have already been clear improvements over the previous body, there is also plenty of cause for criticism. Meanwhile, the u.S. Has cut off its financial support.

The un commission on human rights, which existed from 1945 to 2006, had been subject to increasingly harsh criticism in recent years, which reached its peak when the chairmanship fell to libya. For years, states that are themselves accused of massive disregard for human rights acted so skillfully with each other that they were always able to avert serious condemnations. In the course of the comprehensive reform of the united nations initiated by former un secretary-general kofi annan, the commission, which had degenerated into a farce, was replaced by the newly founded human rights council, based in geneva, at the beginning of last april. The council was initially established as a un subsidiary body, with the prospect of later becoming a principal body on an equal footing with the security council and the general assembly.

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Qt becomes cute 25 years old

Qt becomes cute 25 years old

The exact date of birth of a software is often difficult to determine. At qt is the 20. May 1995 at least the day at which the c ++ library saw the light of day. Before that, the parents went for four years with the project pregnant: haavard nord and eirik chambe-eng started working on qt already in 1991. Father back to quasar technologies, shortly thereafter troll tech and ultimately trolltech bar.

That company revealed just about exactly twenty-five years qt 0.9. For its name, the framework stood two toolkits pate: emacs and xt. Nord found the letter q in his emac’s particularly hub, and the x-toolkit contributed the small letter t. Pronounced the name sounds like the english word "cute", on the one hand cute and, on the other hand, means clever.

His parents laid qt with the birth announcement in the form of the envision email a hello-world example in the cradle:

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Betrayal of the hero manning

U.S. Military and wikileaks informant bradley manning was found guilty on 19 of the 22 charges, but acquitted of the most serious charge

The verdict has been reached in wednesday’s u.S. Trial of bradley manning, the whistleblower for the wikileaks disclosure platform. The 25-year-old was found guilty of 19 of the 22 charges in a military court at fort meade near washington. The verdict of military judge denise lind was eagerly awaited, especially on one point: prosecutors had ordered private (private first class) manning to disclose "support of the enemy" accused because individual of the total 700.The prosecution had accused manning of finding thousands of data records he had forwarded on a computer belonging to osama bin laden.

The conviction can be punishable by death in the u.S. And had earned manning life in prison in any case, according to military prosecutors’ demands. The "supporting the enemy" he was now found not guilty by the judge. However, after today’s verdict, it is questionable whether he does not face the same now. According to differing assessments by u.S. And british trial observers, manning faces a total accumulated sentence of between 100 and 130 years when the sentence is announced in august. Among other things, he is accused of having intended to publish intelligence information in the press.

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Apple: design by macos 11 no sign for touchscreen macs

Apple: Design by MacOS 11 No sign for touchscreen macs

Apple opens speculation about touchscreen macs: the new user interface from macos 11 big sur have nothing to do with touch operation, stressed apple’s software boss craig federighi in an interview. Apple has taken over the development of macos elements of the user interface of iphones and ipads because the change between the advice of natural lighting and the "open and airy interface" from ios also to mac passe, scheduled federighi, apple has "not considered in the most missing touch".

Software boss surprised by touch speculation

The presentation of the new user interface from macos 11 loosen in the summer immediately speculation about the introduction of first macs with touchscreen, never before the operating system seemed such a finger-friendly. In addition, on macs with apple’s m1-chip, iphone and ipad apps have been installed for the first time, which were developed purely on a control with the finger.

Federighi showed himself against the independent surprised from the reaction, he only thought, "whoa, why?". He changes "hundreds of male per day" between the operating systems and that had never been so seamless as now with ios and ipados 14 and macos 11. The changes of the user interface are not "signaling of an activity of the input methods".

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Eu commission allegedly from formal competition complaints against amazon

EU Commission allegedly from formal competition complaints against Amazon

According to a media report, the european commission is shortly before that amazon officially introduces anticompetitive behavior in dealing with handlers on its own platform. The wall street journal reports, brussels authority will be coming or performing weekly complaints to amazon, to which the us group can then comment. The commission wants to accuse the amazon accordingly to complete data from handlers on the marketplace to develop their own products and to competition to the handlers.

The handling of amazon with its own marketplace has been in the focus of cartel butords in europe and the usa. Handler can sell their articles to the amazon website and access the logistics infrastructure of the group as needed. According to the company, more than half of the gross gross sales generated worldwide, this sellers. The wall street journal had reported in april that amazon sales data of individual products of marketplace handlers should have used to develop lucrative competition products under their own label.

Margrethe vestager, the eu competition commissarin, has now apparently compiled enough information to provide amazon this premiere. The so-called notification of objections to the report, according to the report, is a formal step in the investigation of inspection competition inspection. The parties are informed in writing about the points and can then see the files and take comment. The eu commission then concludes that there are sufficient evidence for violations of violations, it can prohibit behavior and conduct funds of up to 10 percent of worldwide annual turnover.

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Vegas loop: “teslas in the tunnel” chauffeur first passenger for a trade fair

Vegas Loop:'teslas im tunnel' chauffieren erste fahrgaste fur eine messe'teslas im tunnel' chauffieren erste fahrgaste fur eine messe

The tunnel transport system under las vegas conference center officially recorded the company for a trade fair. Teslas transport trade fair visitors and other guests by elon musks the boring company built tunnel tubes between the exhibition halls – for the time being with drivers and in city speed of highly 55 km / h.

Occasion of the opening of the "vegas loop" is the concrete fair world of concrete – one of the first public fairs in the wustenstadt since breakout of the coronavirus pandemic. Hundreds of exhibition keys have used the opportunity to make not only chauffeers for the next trade fair hall, but also as one of the first the "teslas in the tunnel" try out.

Short, compact trade fair loop

The exhibition sailing in las vegas was through the new west hall with 55.700 square meters exhibition flat advanced. It should be originally in operation together with the new tunnel transport system at ces 2021 at the beginning of the year. The ces has only virtually taken place because of the corona pandemic. Now both have been officially inaugurated, and las vegas is richer about another attraction.

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The security nightmare

European security research as a subsidy program for the arms industry

"The decision to establish an eu security research program (esrp) was taken informally by the european commission in 2003. There was no official proposal for a legal act, as is usually the case with the creation of budgets, and thus there was no consultation with the european and national parliaments on this matter… The european commission decided to convene a "group of personalities to accompany the development of european security research".

This is how ben hayes described the emergence of european security research in his study arming big brother. In this study, it becomes clear how the arms industry has been working hard to influence the eu’s security agenda and to force a demand by the eu to ensure a "sustainable and competitive technological and industrial base" for european armaments.

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